Will we ever cure cruel Alzheimer’s?

Vaccines and antibodies, brain zapping helmets, oxygen therapy and stem cells are just some of the areas experts are exploring in the hunt for a cure for Alzheimer's

It was officially described 115 years ago. But billions of pounds and hundreds of failed trials later, scientists still haven’t been able to crack one of the world’s most devastating diseases — Alzheimer’s. Curing the cruel memory-robbing disorder is considered one of the Holy Grails of medicine but it has alluded scientists for decades. Currently, the only … Read more

WHO committee to reconvene over monkeypox outbreak

WHO committee to reconvene over monkeypox outbreak

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The World Health Organization (WHO) will reconvene a meeting of an emergency committee regarding the global monkeypox outbreak and whether it should be declared a global health emergency. According to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the forum will be held in the week beginning July 18 or … Read more

Why we’re still in a pandemic

Why we're still in a pandemic

Dr. Ashish Jha has a theory about why, after two years and counting, the Covid-19 pandemic still isn’t over. According to Jha, the White House’s Covid response coordinator, scientists and public health officials have mostly nailed the medical response to the pandemic: As experts have learned more about the coronavirus, the U.S. has continually adapted … Read more

Hippocampal place cells have goal-oriented vector fields during navigation

Subjects and surgical procedures Subjects were five male Lister hooded rats purchased from Charles River Laboratories and aged between 9 and 12 months at the time of electrophysiological recordings. Animals were food deprived to ~85–90% of their baseline weight. All animal experiments were carried out in accordance with UK Home Office regulations (UK Animals Scientific … Read more