Elias Returns To WWE For One More Concert (Photos, Videos)

For the first time since the vignettes in Summer 2021, WWE fans got to “walk with Elias” once again.

Tonight’s WWE “Raw” featured a concert segment that showed a live musical performance from Ezekiel’s older brother, Elias. But before Elias made his way into the arena to perform for the audience, he and Zeke had a backstage segment where they conversed about their current lives as Elias tuned his guitar.

Elias explains that he’s been on the road traveling and playing music but nothing compares to the WWE audience. Still, he’s happy for his younger brother, living out his dreams and encourages him to chase after the Money in the Bank briefcase.

After Elias welcomed the fans to his concert and basked in the WWE Universe walking with Elias once more, he said that his song this evening is dedicated to his younger brother. Before it got underway, Kevin Owens entered the arena and cut Elias off from continuing the song.

He says that the video doesn’t prove anything because anybody can use special effects. Ezekiel then appeared on the giant titantron screen and emphasized that he and Elias are by no means the same person. Elias gets the audience to sing along to a song about how “Kevin Owens is a liar”, which frustrates Kevin enough to toss the guitar out of the ring and break it.

Elias wasn’t happy about that. He delivers a signature jumping knee to Owens, followed by a shot to the back of the head with a guitar.

The segment in the ring wraps up, and as Kevin stumbles to the back, he’s greeted by a backstage interviewer asking if he believes Elias and Ezekiel are different people now. Owens is still not convinced, explaining that Zeke could have pre-recorded that segment and glued on a fake beard to act like Elias.

Next week, he wants a match against Ezekiel, Elias, or whoever, maybe even their younger brother, Elrod. Zeke appears out of nowhere and says that he’s down for Owens’ challenge and he will see him next week.


Ezekiel introduced his new gimmick as Elias’ “younger brother” on the “Monday Night Raw” after “WrestleMania 38”. The two characters not only look eerily similar, they also have similar catchphrases such as, “Who wants to walk with Elias?” And Ezekiel’s, “Speak with Zeke!” This was the first time the two men have been on camera at the same time on WWE television.

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