14 “Stranger Things” Season 4, Part 2 Theories To Dissect Before The Finale

“Steve isn’t going to make it.”

There are only a few days before we get the rest of Stranger Things Season 4, but it might as well be months away.

I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their theories about what will happen in Part 2, so if you need something to fill your time until July 1, look no further:


“I like the theory that Eddie is Number 10. Like he said, he rocked a buzz cut for a while, and he’s always wearing something on his left wrist where a tattoo would be.”

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“Unfortunately, Eddie will die. And it will be revealed that Counselor Kelley is somehow [related] to Vecna.”


“I think that when Max gets taken again (which is confirmed BTW), Eleven is going to fight Vecna off and save Max because there is a photo of Eleven in the Upside Down in front of the stained glass rose door.”


“I think the season is going to end with them losing, and Season 5 will be picking up the pieces. In Episode 1, the D&D game is foreshadowing the final battle. They need to roll a 20 to beat Vecna, but they’ll come up short. I’m hypothesizing Eight will come back to help Eleven, but they still will lose. Because 11 + 8 = 19 and 19 is less than the 20 needed to beat Vecna.”

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“Nancy and Steve will finally get back together… Jonathan will keep on with Mary Jane.”


“I think Jonathan will die trying to save Will and El. His character is growing less relevant as he is ‘throwing his life away.'”

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“Nancy will be reeling with sadness and guilt and find solace sleeping with Steve. She will be so ashamed they won’t talk for months, but eventually, they’ll get together.” —vicarioustwit


“I am so sure that Lucas is dying. There is no doubt in my mind. Caleb McLaughlin talks about him in the past tense in a behind-the-scenes clip with Gaten Matarazzo. He tells Gaten he used contacts, and there is a photo of Volume 2 where Dustin is screaming in sadness.”

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“I think Karen Wheeler is going to get involved, maybe more than the other parents, and somehow end up kicking some ass! Or at least I’m hoping so!”


“That woman has wanted to help and protect her kids so much and has been kept out of the dark. I’m sure she’s going to flip if or once she finds everything out. Probably wishful thinking, but that’s what I’m going with!” —Beanzie


“Not much of a theory but more of a want, but I’d like it if someone other than El defeats Vecna. It’s always El who ends up saving the day, and it’s a bit old now. Yes, I know she’s the only one with powers, but I think it’d be a refreshing storyline.”


“For example, Erica saving the day would be really cool, or Will maybe defeating Vecna and discovering some Upside Down-related powers.” —queertheatrekid


“I think that Will is going to be targeted by Vecna as soon as he steps foot in Hawkins.”


“There’s gonna be a very dramatic scene where Will confesses his love for Mike (Will is totally gay — argue with the wall). The only thing I know for certain: I will be sobbing.” —zippyflyer


“The Upside Down is actually a construct that 001/Vecna created after being banished by Eleven.”


“I have a feeling someone from the Russia group (Enzo, Hopper, Joyce, Murray) will not make it to Season 5. My guess is either Enzo will die (and Hopper will contact his son) or Murray will die.”

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“Also, I think a Hawkins kid may not make it either. My radar is on Max (those letters), Will (what’s the painting?), or Steve/Eddie/Dustin because we can’t have nice things.” —pmonica44


“Steve isn’t going to make it. Yes, he’s still in love with Nancy — we get it. He’s most likely going to confess Empire Strikes Back-style and then get killed Demogorgon-style before she can respond/process what he’s just said.”


“I predict that the series will end with the four boys, still at Season 1 age, finishing their epic D&D game in Mike’s basement.”


“Then the next day when they go to school, there are two new girls in school: Max and Jane.” —geekma


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