Benjyfishy has officially quit Fortnite to pursue Valorant

Fortnite legend Benjyfishy is hanging up his pickaxe to focus on Valorant.

For a while now, fans have been questioning Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish’s future in Fortnite. His recent streams have been almost exclusively Valorant, and he was one of the only big European names not to attend the $100,000 DreamHack event in Sweden.

In a heartfelt video on Friday, Benjy confirmed that his competitive Fortnite career has come to an end. The two-minute clip has already been watched a whopping 2.3 million times on Twitter alone.

“I am officially quitting competitive Fortnite to pursue Valorant” revealed the 18-year-old gamer. He went on to explain that he has fallen out of love with Fortnite, adding “For me right now, it seems pointless carrying on with something that I don’t enjoy”.

Beneath the post, Benjy linked a text file thanking some of the people who have helped him on his journey so far. This included long term friend and teammate, Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen.

Benjyfishy first started placing well in the early Pop-Up Cups in 2019. Things really took off when he booked his ticket for both the World Cup Solos and Duos Finals during the first weeks of qualification.

At the World Cup Finals, he finished 14th in Duos and 25th in Solos, netting $100,000 in prize money. After this, Benjy, Mitr0, and Mongraal went on the most memorable FNCS run in Fortnite history, placing 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 1st, and 1stagain in Season X qualifiers, then winning their heat, before picking up a disappointing 10th place in Grand Finals.

The next season Benjy earned a silver medal in FNCS Squads. Since then he’s had countless Cash Cup triumphs, multiple Grand Finals appearances, and a DreamHack Online Open victory alongside MrSavage.

Aside from all these competitive achievements, Benjyfishy has become a wildly successful content creator. He regularly holds a five-figure viewer count on Twitch, and maintains a thriving YouTube channel with 1.7 million subscribers.

Not only this, but Benjy is often praised as being a fantastic role model for the next generation of gamers.

Benjy will continue to represent NRG Esports as he transitions into this new chapter in Valorant. It’s always sad to see an icon step away from Fortnite, but we know that he will keep dominating and spreading joy with everything he does. Good luck Benjy!

Benjyfishy’s first Valorant montage is now available to watch on YouTube.

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