How many story chapters are there in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes?

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is an ambitious spin-off of the Fire Emblem series released June 24 on the Nintendo Switch. This hack-and-slash title is a collaboration between Intelligent Systems and the Koei Tecmo studio Omega Force, as well as the second entry in the Fire Emblem Warriors series.

Just like the original Fire Emblem Warriors and other entries in Koei Tecmo’s Warriors or Musou games, Three Hopes follows a hack-and-slash battle style with gameplay focused on fighting against hundreds of enemies in battle, with many other gameplay elements being heavily inspired by Three Houses

Three Hopes is focused on the story and setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, albeit in an alternate timeline. The story of Three Hopes takes place on the same continent of Fódlan, a year before the events of Three Houses.

How many story chapters are there in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes?

There are five story arcs in total, and only three of the five arcs are playable in any given run of the game. The first two arcs are compulsory, and you will have to play through one of the remaining three arcs based on which path you choose in the plot. Each arc will contain a certain number of chapters.

The chapters present in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes are not presented linearly. The game diverges into three different paths at a certain point and the number of chapters will differ based on which path you choose.

At one point in the story, you will have to decide between three different houses: Scarlet Blaze led by Edelgard, Azure Gleam led by Dimitri, and Golden Wildfire led by Claude. While these are three paths you can choose within the game, the differences in dialogue and plot are minimal.

Here is a breakdown of all the arcs and chapters present in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses:

The Dawning

  • Chapter zero: Crossed Roads


  • Chapter one: A Chance Encounter
  • Chapter two: Three Houses
    • Chapter three: The Shadows of Adrestia (if you chose Black Eagles)
    • Chapter three: Crisis in Fhirdiad (if you chose Blue Lions)
    • Chapter three: The Battle for the Locket (if you chose Golden Deer)

Scarlet Blaze (Adrestian Empire)

  • Chapter four: The Struggle Commences
  • Chapter five: Skirmish in the Fog
  • Chapter six: Bridge of Betrayal

Azure Gleam (Holy Kingdom of Faerghus)

  • Chapter four: To War!
  • Chapter five: Skirmish in the Fog
  • Chapter six: Conspiracy in the Air
  • Chapter seven: The King Awaken
  • Chapter eight: The Blood-Stained Lance
  • Chapter nine: Reunion at the Fortress City
  • Chapter 10: Fanaticism
  • Chapter 11: Reprisal

Golden Wildfire (Leicester Alliance)

  • Chapter four: To War!
  • Chapter five: The Golden Guardian
  • Chapter six: The Leader’s Stratagem
  • Chapter seven: A Contest of Beasts
  • Chapter eight: What Makes a King

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