Netflix confirms the inevitable — ads are coming

What you need to know

  • Netflix confirms it is introducing an ad-supported tier to the platform.
  • It will be available for users who want to enjoy Netflix at a lower price by watching ads.
  • The move comes after the recent loss of 200,000 subscribers and price increases.

Netflix is working on an ad-supported tier, which means the streaming platform will eventually allow ads. On Thursday, the company’s Co-CEO Ted Sarandos confirmed this while speaking at the Cannes Lions advertising festival, (via Hollywood Reporter).

Netflix has always opposed ads on its platform since its inception and never implemented them. It thus explains its platform’s premium pricing compared to the competition, many of which already have their own ad-supported tiers to keep costs low. However, a new ad-supported tier for Netflix could succeed at bringing new customers to the platform as the streaming market becomes increasingly saturated.

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