How do you keep track of reminders on Android?

Tasks, Keep, Assistant Reminders — or something else entirely?

Reminders are vital to the smartphone experience. Gone are the days of tying a string around your finger to remember to pick up milk on the way home. These days, your phone can ping you with any reminder, recurring or one-time-only, even months or years after you’ve set it. Canceling subscriptions, completing chores — it’s all too easy on Android. In fact, the hardest part can be picking a single reminder service worth using.

Everyone knows Google has a bad habit of spinning up multiple apps that accomplish the same functions. Its messaging service problem is legendary, offering Hangouts, Allo, and Messages with RCS support all throughout the last five years before finally narrowing those apps to just one. If you need to video chat with someone, you’re forced to pick between Meet and Duo — which is probably why Google is folding Duo into its Workspace-branded app.


Reminder apps are the next big problem for Google. Between Tasks, Keep, and Assistant Reminders, setting and keeping track of reminders on your account is needlessly confusing. These apps don’t always work together, leaving your tasks and to-do lists spread out between services. Lucky for us, it sounds like Google might finally be ready to narrow down its apps. In the last couple of weeks, Assistant Reminders lost support for both location-based and assigned reminders, while Calendar might lose its Assistant sync to focus on Tasks solely.

It’s a big shake-up, but it’s likely a necessary one to make reminders easier to manage on Android. It comes as Google continues to add new features to Tasks, including starred tasks and the ability to physically print out lists.

We want to know which app you’re using to keep track of your reminders. Keep is an obvious solution, combining notes with reminders to ping you whenever you need them. Tasks is a streamlined tool built into Workspace, though that might make it more frustrating to find than it’s worth. And Assistant Reminders is just a “Hey Google” away, though it’s hard to manage your existing reminders — and it could be going away.

Of course, you don’t need to use any of Google’s litany of reminder and to-do apps to keep track of chores, assignments, and more. There are plenty of excellent reminder and task management apps on the Play Store, from big names like Microsoft to smaller services from third parties. So, in addition to Keep, Tasks, and Assistant Reminders, we’ve selected a few of the most popular to-do apps on the Play Store, all capable of keeping track of reminders. There’s no way we could ever cover every possible app, so if you use something else, feel free to leave a comment.

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