Free Vampire Survivors fan game HoloCure is so popular the devs had to turn off its leaderboards

Virally popular action game Vampire Survivors has now spawned a fan game called HoloCure which has also exploded in popularity, to the point that its devs had to disable its overloaded leaderboards. 

HoloCure, which is available for free via (opens in new tab), is mechanically similar to Vampire Survivors, though it also tips its hat to the mobile game Magic Survival (opens in new tab). Basically, you walk around the screen hoovering up loot while your collected weapons and abilities automatically mulch up crowds of enemies. The key difference is that, instead of Castlevania-esque hunters and monsters, HoloCure stars several virtual YouTubers from the group Hololive, hence the name. There’s also a gacha mechanic where you roll for different vtubers, but it costs in-game currency instead of real money.

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