Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update Roadmap Outlined, New Demo Out Now On Switch

In the June 2022 Nintendo Direct, Capcom revealed a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The trailer showcased some of the monsters that players can expect to see in the coming expansion, but more notable was the roadmap for future updates and a new demo that’s available today.

In addition to showcasing what you can expect to see in Sunbreak, the trailer details when players can expect to see future Monster Hunter Rise updates. The next free title update, Seething Bazelgeuse, is coming in August 2022. That will be followed by a fall title update and then a winter title update–both of those will come later this year. More updates are scheduled for 2023, though specifics on what to expect from these subsequent updates were not shared.

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If you’re eager to jump into Sunbreak and see what’s changing or being added, a new demo for the expansion is available right now. You can play it on Nintendo Switch, but there’s no word on if it will also release for PC. Sunbreak itself is set to release on June 30 for both Switch and PC. Both platforms have already seen a demo launched, but this new one will provide an opportunity to see even more of the new content.

There are technically two new trailers Capcom shared today. One of these shows off new High Rank armor and weapon trees. The Black Belt S armor can be obtained at the start of the game from Senri the Mailman; Capcom says it provides sufficient defense to let you dive into the world of High Rank monsters. As for the weapon trees, the Defender weapons already available in Rise will now have new upgrade options at the Smithy, which again is intended to help sufficiently equip you to begin taking on Sunbreak’s new content. All of these items will be added in the Ver. 10 update releasing for Switch on June 29 and for PC on on June 30.

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